Department of Navy Financial Improvement Plan (FIP)

IDIQ contract to support the Navy’s Office of Financial Operations as it implements the Department’s Financial Improvement Program (FIP). DWBHCORP currently provides support for the planning, execution, and oversight of the DON FIP efforts at NAVSEA and FMO as a subcontractor to Accenture Federal Services (AFS). Efforts include Command Inspection support, Existence and Completeness (E&C) process documentation, internal control testing, substantive testing, assistance with corrective action development and implementation, reporting for inventory and ERP transactions, and management of Operating Material and Supplies (OM&S) and General and Military Equipment.

Through this contract, we help the Navy improve its financial management and accounting operations, internal control management and general areas that encompass FIP concepts. We provide audit readiness support, such as internal control documentation and training, to help the Navy prepare for future audits. In addition, Accenture will assist the department with implementing solutions to known and emergent deficiencies, including system improvements, process reengineering and leading business practices.

DWBHCORP is proud to be a member of this high-performing team. Contact us to learn more: