A Message from the President/CEO:

DWBHCORP Value Innovation: "Customers don't want to pay support contractor overhead costs, and in this competitive market, expectations also include a step improvement in quality of services that completely transcend traditional ‘level of effort’ Project Management (cost, schedule, performance). We embrace the challenge and offer an innovative approach to support today’s evolving customer requirements - truly and uniquely best value reflected in very low overhead costs - please ask us to explain further..." - Steven D. MacDonald, President/CEO DWBHCORP. Contact us to continue the dialog: business@dwbhcorp.com.

  • 2800 Crystal Drive, Suite 200
  • Arlington, VA 22202

    Value innovation applies to all stakeholders, not just ‘customers’ in the narrowest context. Employees/Associates and Teaming Partners, both primes and sub-contractors, are all customers and benefit from an approach that optimizes value by actively enhancing the most important factors while reducing or eliminating lesser ones.

    Quality and Performance - at competitive cost - is a given with DWBHCORP.

    Professional Services, specifically the people who provide the support, are not a commodity to evaluate only at ‘lowest price, technically acceptable’. Personnel experience, knowledge, skill, and performance are critically important, and necessary to provide real value to the customer. That’s what we are about: providing real value for the customer (not level of effort) and that is over and above just accomplishing SOW/PWS requirements successfully at a competitive cost, which should always be a given in our business.”